Team Manager Role

  1. About 3 weeks ahead of the match confirm with opposition team manager date / time / location of the game / if there’s a colour clash.  Generally if it’s an away game, their team manager will contact you; if it’s a home game I contacted them.
  2. Check with Richard Macer that pitch is booked.  Confirm what time you actually have access to the pitch and leave time before push back for a warm up - on pitch if possible
  3. About 10-15 days ahead of the match, jog the coach’s memory that there is a game coming up and ask them to send you a list of who they would like to find out availability for (normally about 15-16 players initially)
  4. Ask someone to umpire (each team should provide one umpire)

Then use the app for the rest

(See here for instructions on how to use the app)

  • Set up a new game / fill in the slots etc
  • Add the team members you want, and send out availability request
  • Set a deadline for responses and keep to it.  It will mean for the rest of the season people respond promptly!
  • Once deadline passed, send availability list to the coach
  • If necessary, push the coach to send back final selection to you.  Ideally I think the final team list should go out a week ahead of the game so that parents can plan, but this rarely happened
  • Once you get team list from the coach, notify those selected and update the fixture on the website with the details.  Team / Venue / Location / Timing

On the day

  • Use the app to notify the team asap if the match is cancelled for any reason - update website if you have time.
  • Get in touch with the other team manager from opposition to let them know
  • If match is on, collect the match fees (or if you’re not there, ask someone else to do it for you)

After you’ve done it once, it really is the quickest job especially if the coach is quick to respond.


All the match days / times are generally pre-arranged and in the website so it works very easily.  If you have to re-arrange a match following cancellation, it’s a bit more hassle simply because you have to find a day / time the opposition can do / that the coach is happy with and that you are able to book a pitch.  Having said that Richard always seems to find one!